She's not a Waifu. She's


Give up on all your Waifus.
Time to take the next step into something greater.

What is that, you're wondering?

She's a time-honored queen of oddities. She is cute to a fault .
She loves donuts.

She's Shinobu Oshino!

Shinobu's Forms.

They represent different stages of her life and overall power.


Shinobu (loli)

The classic form. This is the most commonplace form in the series and represents a weak-yet-recovering Queen of oddities.


Teenobu (teen)

The middle ground. This is the rarest of her forms and represents a powered-up Shinobu who is neither weak nor ultra strong.


Kiss-Shot (milf)

Kiss-Shot Ocerola-Orion Heart-under-blade. The pinnacle of Shinobu's power and her true beauty. Don't piss her off.

She's a vampire.

But she doesn't need blood.

She's immortal.

Depends on Araragi a bit.

She loves donuts.

Perhaps too much.

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